The 2014 Harvard St. George All School Reunion

"Raise the Dragon Banner o'er us."

4731 S. Ellis. This historic building represents a lot of memories.   Memories that will forever live in the hearts and minds of those who attended school here.  For 86 years, students received an elite private education that prepared them for their future.  Although educational excellence was the focus, the nurturing atmosphere created more of a family environment. 

It's in that sense of family that The 2014 HSG All School Reunion Committee invites you to come home for an old fashioned reunion.  Whether you attended the Harvard School for Boys, St. George School for Girls, Harvard St. George, The Harris School or The Harvard School,  we invite you to join us June 20 - 22nd as we re-acquaint ourselves and reminisce about our lives as "Hurricanes"!

Mrs. "T".   Our other Mother  (Alma Mater)